As a reliable and accurate test, “as thorough as the Swiss themselves, everything is straightforward and exact – from the lancet, to the pipette, to the test strip” – that is how the Covid-19 antibody test by the Swiss Lomina Company was repeatedly rated in an independent assessment of test kits carried out by editors at MF DNES. The editorial staff gave this test kit for revealing the presence of antibodies in a blood sample a high rating as a practical tool that helps verify whether you have come into contact with the virus or whether you are having a reaction to vaccination and therefore have sufficiently developed antibodies against Covid-19.

This test allows you to use a blood sample to find out whether you have Covid-19 antibodies relatively quickly and easily (using the detailed and clear instructions). The instructions, which are also available in English and in comprehensible Czech, also provide additional information on assessment of the test and help you understand why your sample does or does not contain antibodies. The instructions help you understand what the individual types of antibodies mean and how the speed of the results is related to the quantity of antibodies.

You can purchase these test kits in the Czech Republic at the Viakom Company’s e-shop or from the Benu or Pilulka pharmacy chain.

You can find more information about independent assessment of the test kits at