Diagnose it in time!

The rapid test for COVID-19, designed for self-testing, will reliably show you how strong the antibodies are in your body. Simple application and fast test result.

Made in Europe

Our products are made in Europe and meet the strictest certification requirements and standards.

Diagnostic assays

We offer more than 500 types of IVD assay, including assays for certain very rare diseases. We also offer OEM/OBL production.

IVD devices

We manufacture laboratory in vitro diagnostic devices (IVD), which react to a number of diseases, including infections, tumours, cardiac disease and others.


The Lomina Mobile Laboratory (LOMINA LAB) is a diagnostic kit in the form of a diagnostic IVD case, intended for easy and fast collection and assessment of diagnostic assays, including biochemical values.

OEM IVD Production

We provide comprehensive OEM packages. We manufacture the complete range of products, medical and diagnostic equipment and auxiliary materials on a global market scale and guarantee the consistency of quality and timely deliveries within the terms of individual cooperation and long-term partnerships. We will be happy to create a custom solution for you.

Most popular products

We are an international joint venture dedicated to a production of In Vitro Medical Devices

LOMINA AG group is committed to provide high-quality diagnostic products and services to meet the global healthcare needs and to empower patients to make a critical decision about their health.
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LOMINA LAB: Diagnostics case

The diagnostic case contains complex test kits and diagnostic equipment, which enable both collection of samples, as well as rapid assessment of tests.

Content of the diagnostic case