Lomina LCH-0

Lomina LCH-0: Vacuum-assisted blood collection system.

Intended Use:

Lomina LCH-0 is an assisted blood collection system, which is intended to use a vacuum to collect capillary blood from a puncture site. The product is composed of a cassette able to connect with a single-use micro-collection tube and a main device providing a pressure control function. When assembled and activated, the product collects blood from the puncture site to the micro-collection tube. This product is for professional use only.


Available Packaging Variants:

Usable Biological Material:

The product is intended for the collection of whole blood.

Whole blood

Product description:

This product, LCH-0 (Vacuum-assisted blood collection system), is composed of two parts: 1) a main device  and 2) a single-use disposable cassette. The main device includes a pressure control system that generates negative pressure to create a vacuum effect for collecting blood. The intended purpose of the product is limited to IVD use only. 

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